A small guide to adapting to your new beautiful body while addressing some obstacles along the way.

Motherhood is no easy road and we are faced with incredible obstacles daily. In addition to everything else going on in our lives postpartum we feel pressure to go right back to being “normal”

Our society places an extreme pressure on us to “snap back into shape”. In this article I will cover tips and tricks for mother’s new to the fitness world on how to get into a routine regardless of what motherhood throws at us.

1st Self Love.

Self love is all over the internet. Love yourself, love your body etc. Cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin are often called “flaws”by many womxn even when addressing and making self-love statements. It starts with the classic… I love myself even though I have flaws like cellulite etc. I find statements like that to actually be hurtful to the movement. Cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin are not flaws. We need to stop labeling them as such. They are a direct reaction to things that occur in our lives.

Like growth rings on a tree. You’d never see growth rings on a tree as a flaw. Your body may have sustained the life/lives of one or multiple children, you’ve had gains and losses, your skin stretched to accommodate your growing body and when your womb no longer served your baby as home, your skin loss it’s elasticity and laid loose. Those things don’t make you less beautiful. Before embarking on a fitness regime. I think the number one priority is developing body neutrality. It takes time and practice. One thing I love to do is tell myself positive things about my physical body and my spiritual body. Write 3 things down for yourself 1. The most beautiful thing about your body ( made in non judgement) don’t say to yourself I love my eyes but I wish they were less wrinkled, different color. Acknowledge a physical beauty trait of yours without judgement.

2. Don’t wait to start. Let go of Mom guilt!

Many mothers tell themselves their setting isn’t ideal. “ I can’t just wake up and go to gym” or “I need to cook” or “it’s selfish of me”. Those were all things I told myself after giving birth to my first child. I was constantly putting myself aside. I lacked self confidence and I felt like I wasn’t a person anymore. All my hobbies, things of interest I set aside. You know what? It wore me down, it affected my mental health. I found out from my husband that my “me time” was important to him. He said he saw me happier when I got some time to myself. That happiness also trickled through to everyone in the household when I took advantage of that time. I felt refreshed and ready for my tasks.

In the early stages and then again when I had my 2nd daughter. I didn’t have time to go to the gym. I did have small spaces of time ( when baby napped) or I could get movement in by putting her/ them in a running stroller. Do squats while I was cooking. Get 15 to 20 alone minutes to do some yoga even if there was sometimes (many) times of great interruptions. The difference was that I was finally doing it. Movement for me is medicine and I needed it! Do it for you! You deserve “me” time.

3. Let go of the diet teas, the diet shakes etc.

Diet teas are full of laxatives. Initially you will loose a good amount of weight. Water weight that is. Cleaning out your bowl could help you shed several pounds in a short amount of time, maybe even leading to dehydration. To encourage regular bowel habits, stay hydrated, each fiber rich foods and supplement when necessary with a bulking fiber such as psyllium. Fiber is important of course. Using laxatives for weight loss is not recommended. Shakes? Many shakes have artificial ingredients, sugar, food dyes and many surprisingly have allot of sugar. It’s better for your gut health to have a variety of whole food sources vs drinking a shake with sugar, additives and still feeling hungry. I do recommend if you enjoy drinking shakes or smoothies add some real foods to them. An example would be fresh berries, a fat source like almond butter, milk base ( plant or dairy) a protein source like a scoop of healthy protein shake or adding Greek yogurt in and a veggie source. You’ll be satisfied with that shake longer and you’ll reap the benefits of eating Whole Foods.

4. Break up with the scale!

The scale is something many womxn battle with, you maybe saying. Ok that’s not going to happen. How will I know if I progress? Let’s think about the times we have needed to know our weight. When we need a medication or supplement based off our weight or maybe getting our driver’s license( I don’t think they do that anymore.) Otherwise when in society have you had to know your weight off hand?? Does it really matter? For my clients I recommend taking a personal picture for their own progress, maybe in your favorite outfit or bikini etc. You can go back and look at that picture. Do your clothes fit differently? How do you feel? Are you getting stronger? Faster? More mobile? Less stressed?

Additionally there can be more reasons to let go of the scale. Your body can change composition without any weight loss. You can stay at 160 lbs but now you added muscle and reduced fat. I had lost 2.5 inches off my waist this year healing diastasis recti and you know what? I hadn’t lost any body weight during that time.

You can also use a clothing tape measure to assess things like hip to waist ratio and know where you stand at the start of your weight loss journey. You can take full body measurements for your record as well. Revisit those things once a month at your check in. You can keep a scale in your home if it’s a must. This is my advice, if the scale makes you feel inferior or discouraged in anyway, let that shit go!!

5. Make small goals. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Did you promise yourself to workout every single day at the start of the new year? Did you say I am going to go full out, diet, run, lift weights etc. The reality may have been so different for you.

Why am I not obtaining my goals? Creating small habits that are achievable give us the courage and inspiration we need to accomplish bigger goals. For instance. You promise yourself to start adding a veggie each day to your lunch to get more fiber. 3 weeks later you find you accomplished that now you start eating more lean protein etc. When you set a goal you need to also know how you will achieve that goal. Saying things like I’m going to wake up everyday at 5 am and go on a run or walk. Well maybe your exhausted from work and that’s not ideal for you. You did it for a few days and then fell off. You could make a goal such as going on a walk for 30 minutes everyday. You can accomplish that on two of your 15 minute breaks at work. That’s doable! Bring a friend or a podcast and the time will fly.

6. Make it a family affair.

Getting healthy shouldn’t be left to one person to struggle with alone. Are family members bringing bad snacks into the home? Are you eating differently from the family but struggling when the sweets are right there in the cupboard? Diet changes should not be a “diet” but rather a change in how your family views eating or activity. Find some great foods you guys all love and learn better ways to prepare them. For example your family loves lasagna but you buy it frozen and prepackaged. It’s full of fat and sodium. What about preparing lasagna yourself, adding better ingredients, fresh basil, garlic, low fat ricotta etc? It takes some planning but eating at home and things cooked from scratch is better for you than take out or frozen meals. Get your kids and partner more involved. Playing sports, going for walks, spending time doing yoga or riding bikes as a family is not only fun but it allows you to lead by example.

7. You maybe saying I really just hate lifting weights or I hate running on a treadmill. Movement is a punishment for me.

Allow yourself the freedom to try all different styles of workouts. There is so much out there in the world, so many things are free and readily accessible on YouTube. Try Zumba, dance your way to health. Try Barre an exercise modality derived from ballet. Grow those legs girl! Body weight exercises especially Tabata style can really kick your body into gear. Maybe pilates interests you. Not a runner? but, need cardio maybe a HIIT workout is more your style. Make movement 1. Fun 2. Accessible 3. Affordable. Research and don’t give up finding your “thing”.

8. I won’t “ do it right and others will make fun of me”.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve had clients and friends tell me they can’t do something because they will feel like everyone is watching them or making fun of them. First in a friendly way get over yourself. What I mean by that is although you feel like everyone maybe watching you. Chances are they are not. The people along side you may also be beginners and feel embarrassed. You never know.

Also on another note. Don’t let your ego prevent you from taking a beginners course in something. When people hear beginner, there is often a stigma that a class will be boring, limited or you’ll tell yourself “ I don’t need that”. The reality though is the beginners course was just what you needed to become advanced in something. You can’t start building a house from the roof first, you need a solid foundation. Remember that. Third give yourself credit for showing up and trying something new. That’s empowering in itself and you are half way there. Keep going.

9. Team no days off? What? No. Your body needs rest.

I can’t express how terrible that mentality of team no days off is. Or the always grinding quotes on IG. Your body needs rest, it’s important for muscle growth and recovery. It’s essential to adapt rest days or active rest/ recovery days for your hormonal profile and your stress response. Remember you want you brain to recognize exercise as productive helpful stress “ instead of straight stress”. Stretch, deep breath and do light movement on your rest days. Self care is crucial.

10. Thank you!

If you read this so far, thank you so much. I appreciate you spending this time hearing my words. I am a womxn fitness specialist, a certified nutrition coach, registered yoga teacher, certified barre instructor, certified personal trainer in addition to all that I am a body ready method level 1 trainer. Meaning I do movement assessments for pregnant people and guide them in preparing their bodies for birth, show that was exercises are safe during pregnancy and address core and pelvic floor health. You can always connect with me via IG at @Namastewell_ join me for one of my virtual classes via zoom. Or contact me anytime if you’d like some virtual personal training guidance. I can help you. 🙂


All this information I have shared with you is from my own knowledge base. Please connect with a physician before starting any new workout regime. Be mindful of your body and any injuries you may have.

– Namaste to you all!

So you want to know about free bleeding?

Get ready to learn all about Free bleeding!

If you’ve been menstruating for a while now chances are you’ve tried tampons and pads of every kind to “find one that works for you”. Maybe even a diva cup or two. You may have found none of your options have felt right or really worked. Maybe you are health conscious or concerned about the environment and adding to environmental waste on a monthly basis doesn’t feel right for you. I’ve been free bleeding for 2.5 years and I’ll share what has or hasn’t worked for me. This review and information is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the companies I will mention in this article. I don’t have affiliate codes or relationships with any of the companies.

I have been a pad wearer since I’ve started menstruating. I could not do tampons and never did. However we all know that pads can be problematic from time to time. Uncomfortable, some bulky etc. I began my free bleeding journey after the birth of my second daughter. I no longer wanted to contribute to land fills. I couldn’t and can’t afford to buy expensive organic hygiene products that also aren’t 100% biodegradable anyway. So what do I do?

When do you think of when someone says free bleeding?

Initially my first thought of free bleeding is that people with periods were walking around on the earth bleeding and sitting in public places getting blood everywhere. Some Womxn do practice this kind of free bleeding as a stand up against the cost of hygiene care/ a fight against toxic shock syndrome. While some use that method, my free bleeding includes no leaking and the blood is caught. Free bleeding is as hygienic as any other period products, it’s cost effective and mostly very convenient.

I began researching recyclable period products and I found reusable pads on amazon.com they are made of recycled material bamboo pads with charcoal to reduce odor. I got 8 pads in a package and they came with a little case. These worked really nicely! For about 9 months I exclusively used these pads.

Bamboo charcoal reusable period pads approx $15 on amazon.com i received 8 in a pack.

Let’s start with the Cons: These pads are NOT suitable for overnight wear. The pads moved around allot whenever I didn’t have pants on. I don’t sleep in pants so there was leakage from the side at night during my sleep. The pads are somewhat bulky and it gets some getting used to. You can not exercise with these on. They begin to roll around with movement. Especially if you’re going on a run. 😦

Pros: These pads absorb allot of blood. There is absolutely no smell even in hot weather. If pants are securely in place and not exercising no leakage occurs. These pads are easily changeable much like a disposable pad. A used pad can be folded and clipped together to prevent a mess until you are able to rinse your pad. Which is great when traveling/ working.

Next up! She Thinx period panty.

The first period panty I tried was She Thinx’s. This is an incredible period panty. I got their high waisted panty that absorbs 1 pads worth. This was my starter panty with them and I was sold. It was a life saver overnight. No longer dealing with the reusable pads moving around and having leaks. There is no need to supplement with panty liners or any additional period products. I got my first period panty from them before they had so many styles and options ( they’ve now branched out and offer menstruating people various style options). I now have 4 pairs of all different kinds of underwear from them. Eventually when my purse will let me, I’d like to purchase their new sleep short ( for periods)

Thinx air panty offers 3/4 a pad worth.
This is what the pad portion of the panty is.

Cons: Expensive! That’s it! ( I’ll include how to save money on Thinx) in a few more paragraphs.

Pros: Various styles, no leaks, no wetness ( unless the pad is full) various flow options, if you have a heavy flow they’ve got you! No leaks at night, sport panties and their sport shorts give options for exercising freely with no fear of leaks. It’s such a free feeling. That’s one thing I appreciate the most about free bleeding. The freedom.

I did try to save money and bought a cheaper period panty.

Ruby Love High waisted panty.

I got a panty prop period starter kit from Ruby Love, at first I was so happy I could have more underwear. I got 6 styles for almost the same as 1 She Thinx. Sometimes going cheap isn’t ideal. The period pad in place is very bulky. Initially the period panties worked pretty decent. After several washes and I did wash as they instructed the pad portion began to pill and break down. After a few months I was having “ big leaking accidents” going through the panty and then my pants. My flow had increased but I wasn’t leaking through my Thinx panty that I had at the time. I contacted Ruby Love and they told me they offer an additional pad that is placed inside the panty. With the panty already very bulky that was not something I was interested in.

You maybe curious about how this works.

I’ll explain how I manage my periods hassle free. There are a few more steps in period care free bleeding process. Being conscious of the earth and your body/ period equality is well worth the few extra steps. It doesn’t have to feel like work.

1. When I begin to feel cramps, I just put on a nice She Thinx pair of panties overnight, usually I’m met with my period in the morning and… because I had my panty on. No bloody sheets! Yay!

2. When changing panties or pads, I wash the panties out in cold water until the water runs clear. Then wash my hands and hang dry the panty in the shower until it’s ready to be placed in the wash on delicate. You maybe curious about what I do when I’m out. That depends on how long. If I’m going to work and have a heavy flow I wear my period pads ( I change it out when I need) I have a little hygiene pouch I use to place the old pad in ( inside my purse) wash my hands of course and then rinse the pad out with cold water when I get home. I wash my pads and panties the same way. My pads hold more blood than my period panties do. If I’m having a really heavy day, I’ll usually just do pads in the day and panties overnight. I mix it up for my needs. I do recommend both and for those reasons. It may seem like allot to think about, once you get the hang of it in about 2 cycles or so. It’s easy peasy.

3. Is it gross? It can be if you are afraid of blood or squeamish about periods ( cause you need to wash the blood out before washing in the machine) I’m not squeamish about my body and the natural process it goes through. I am a nurse too so I’m not that faint of heart when I see and deal with blood.I don’t experience any dirty smell from the blood the way I did using period pads that had toxins and plastics in them. I think the health benefits out weigh any “gross” feeling when it comes to this kind of period care.

Wrapping things up and how to save money when buying panties.

I went on IG and looked up hashtags for Thinx. I found several Womxn on IG that have affiliate codes. I used their codes for each of my purchases to save some money. I also receive emails from the company so I can stay in touch with the sales they may have. They also offer after pay! So you can get your products and pay over time.

She Thinx has tween and teen undies and also Speax for Womxn dealing with bladder leaks! So they got you for the lifespan.

I hope this has been helpful to you! If you have anymore questions about the process of free bleeding or concerns about the process. Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you! I love to encourage and empower Womxn in EVERYBODY to find their power. My Instagram account is @Namastewell_


I was not asked by She Thinx, Ruby Love or Amazon to write this review. I do not have affiliate codes or sponsorships with any of these companies mentioned. She Thinx ( if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t fight you if you want to give me an affiliate code one day 😉 As always speak with a physician regarding any changes in your cycle or questions about your reproductive care. This blog is only meant to educate on topics I enjoy.

Resources :


More info on free bleeding https://www.shethinx.com/blogs/thinx-piece/free-bleeding-embrace-my-flow

This is an awesome article about the movement of free bleeding below


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Let’s stay healthy!

Give yourself a break.

New Years 2020

This New Years happened and like the rest of the world you felt very hopeful about the days to come. You thought about vacations, concerts, gym goals, weddings and of course good health. When COVID 19 swept through and turned into a global pandemic it caused allot of fear, people were and still are at a loss, loss of loved ones, feelings of isolation, concerns about how finances will unfold and many lost their jobs.

It’s important at this time to not loose the things you do have. Focus on what is here in the moment. When lock down first began I made a promise to myself to preserve and make the most of this extra time at home. Of course I had some days that I cried and felt defeated or that our lives were over in some way. I am human like the rest of us. I had to/ have to push through fear of the unknown and concerns for my families well being. Here are some things that are helping me along the way that I’d like to share with you.

My Diastasis Recti Journey

Lots of people talk about Diastasis Recti, you maybe wondering what that actually means. Diastasis recti is the separation of the rectus abdominal muscles ( the 6 pack). This separation can occur in men and women whenever there is allot of intra abdominal pressure. Examples of intra abdominal pressure is lifting heavy weights repeatedly ( happens to body builders) weight gain, and abdominal growth from pregnancy.

Often times after pregnancy this separation with heal on its own. If you are not properly engaging your core or doing the wrong exercises ( think crunches or anything that makes your abdominals bulge out) once you are cleared to workout again you can be furthering your Diastasis separation. Multiple C sections/ births or abdominal surgerys can leave your core and pelvic floor muscles weakened. It’s important to start thinking about Diastasis recti while pregnant. There are things you can do to help maintain a core connection through out pregnancy. Remember get professional help. Don’t just believe any blogger on the internet or anyone just saying they can help you. In fact don’t even believe me. Do your research, find what works for you. I’ve had people reach out to me online and say they could help me. I researched them and they had no credibility whatsoever. Not even in the medical or health and wellness profession.

Why is Diastasis a big deal? Here are some problems I’ve been having.

I am a former body building competitor one of my strongest aspects was my core. It was phenomenal. After gaining 90lbs (woah) and loosing it with my first daughter who was born via emergency C section. I had some minimal Diastasis recti after her birth, once cleared to workout I began to hit core hard. Post C section I didn’t realize I needed to be more forgiving on my core. I did get my core back into amazing shape. Pregnancy number 2 I gained 60lbs and lost it as well. However my abdominal separation is considerably larger and deemed severe where my belly button is. I have 2 small abdominal hernias as well, I am a yoga and barre instructor, I kept up with my practice through my pregnancy but I was not properly engaging my core at the time. At my 6 week check up I asked my OB/gyn asses me for diastasis. He said I was “fine”. I really didn’t feel that was so and had no direction on how to heal and prevent further damaged. 2 years later struggling with constant abdominal pain, low back pain, incontinence issues and not feeling my core. I am a nurse and do allot of full care for wheel chair bound clients. My back pain was increasing with my lifting at work. I went to my primary doctor he said my separation was very bad and he felt I had a hernia as well. He recommended seeing a general surgeon. General surgeon said I needed a full tummy tuck in order to properly manage the abdominal separation and heal my core, I also saw a plastic surgeon and the same as said at that appointment. I didn’t want surgery so I reached out to a Physical therapy office. The PT said “maybe some exercises can help you but this is pretty deep”. Quoted at over 8,000 dollars to fix my abdominal separation and over 8 weeks of down time. I decided to research some credible sources to heal myself. I had been following recommendations on some fitness professional sites but my work was getting no where. I’ve had all this extra time because of the Corona virus so I did some intense online research and it led me to Every Mother. I am on day 16 of my path and I am already feeling a huge difference. My abdominal separation is from pubic bone to sternum. I am starting to feel the upper portion of my abdominals closing. My waist is getting smaller and I don’t have as big as a mom pooch at the end of the day.

I recommend seeing a physician and ask for an evaluation to see if you have the separation.At your 6 to 8 week postpartum check up is a great time to assess you, if you are pretty far removed from postpartum don’t worry, you can assess yourself at any time follow the recommendations on Every Mother.

If you are interested in healing your abdominal separation click this link Happy Core Healing!!!


This my personal opinion ( not to be confused with medical professional evaluation. I was not paid to publish this article in anyway by Every Mother. My statements have not been evaluated by Every Mother. Always seek professional medical help when needed. Happy Reading!!

Navigating the cold and flu season naturally.

Vitamin D

Many people are deficient of vitamin D3 due to lack of sun light exposure, and lack of vitamin D3 from food sources. People with a BMI of 30 or higher are at higher risk of being deficient( vitamins a, d e, and k are stored in the adipose tissue of the body, the more fat tissue the less available vitamin D is to the body) people with darker skin are at a higher risk of being deficient related to melanin blocking out D3 during sun exposure, living in northern states and being elderly affect you as well.

What are the benefits of vitamin D3?

Reduces occurance of respiratory illness such as pneumonia, the flu, bronchitis and can provide better support for conditions like COPD and asthma. Supplementing my toddler with vitamin D decreased her asthma symptoms by 50%.

Vitamin D aids in the absorb calcium and phosphorus which is essential to bone health.

Vitamin D has benefits for us mentally especially during winter time when sun exposure is reduced. Vitamin D can help with with the symptoms seasonal depression.

How do I take it?

One of my favorite supplement companies is Life Extension. For a small amount of money you can supplement your body with vitamin D easily.

Supplementing is good way to obtain Vitamin D. It’s ideal to obtain vitamin D from whole food sources. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel , cheese and egg yolks. Plant forms of vitamin D are actually called vitamin d2 and this is often found fortified in almondmilks, soymilks and available in mushrooms that have been exposed to UV light. Nothing beats getting sunlight itself!

Can I take too much?

Yes ,when prior to supplementing with vitamin D you should do some blood work to see if you are deficient of vitamin D or not. Over supplementing can result in high levels of calcium in the body resulting to damage of the kidneys and bone.

Wash your hands it’s actually #1

In nursing school it was literally drilled into my head that #1 for reducing infection is hand washing! Over use of hand sanitizers removes the good bacteria on our skins surface. It’s important to wash your hands with soap and water to remove bad bacteria. When your hands are visibly dirty, after using the bathroom, going out of the house ( touching money, door knobs etc), touching your germ trapped phone and before making meals is a small list of a whole slew of times/ reasons to wash your hands on a regular basis.

Hand sanitizers contain alcohol which dries and cracks the skin, leaving it open to bacteria. It’s good practice with any handwashing to use lotion when hands are dry to prevent cracking/ drying.

Read the link below to find out the pros and cons of using hand sanitizers over good old soap and water.

Are Hand Sanitizers Harmful? | Rush University Medical Center

Supplement with Zinc!

Zinc has many roles in the body that support immune function. Zinc helps break down carbohydrates for cell function, aids in cell growth ( wound healing benefits). Zinc can help prevent the common cold and shorten its duration. If you are deficient in zinc you’ll find that your sense of smell and taste maybe altered. Zinc helps reverse those problems.

Where can I find zinc as whole food sources?

  • nuts, grains, legumes ( chickpeas, beans)
  • Animal protein beef, chicken, lamb
  • Mushrooms, kale, garlic

You can also purchase zinc and zinc lozengers as a tablet or capsule over the counter.

Apple cider vinegar ( with the mother)

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented food that is rich in probiotics. Probiotics support the immune system function, aid in digestion and reduce fungal infections.

Mind Body Green’s blog states apple cider vinegar may result in a trimmer mid section and additional weight loss as it aids in appetite suppression.

I have personally used apple cider for it’s anti fungal benefits, ph balance benefits (for my oral health) . I’ve used AVC for my skin ( it’s antibacterial properties works well on acne caused by bacteria)

I’ve used it to clean my hair and any time I feel a cold coming on I begin supplementing with Bragg’s AVC. It’s raw unpasterized and contains those live probiotics.

Garlic, Ginger and cayenne pepper.

I use raw ginger for it’s anti inflammatory benefits. It reduces nausea and muscle pain that comes with a cold or flu.

Raw garlic has many benefits due to its anti oxidant power. It can help boost immunity and prevent infection. I used garlic during my pregnancy to control gestational high blood pressure. It worked well for me. Garlic has many positive affects on heart health.

Cayenne Pepper has pain relieving properties. How is this so? The active chemical in Cayenne pepper is Capsaicin. Capsaicin reduces certain amounts of a neuropepitde related to pain. It reduces those signals going to the brain which in turn reduces pain levels throughout the body.

Lemon and Apples! An apple a day…..

Lemons are a great food source of the almighty vitamin C. Lemons have anti inflammatory benefits and are a rich anti bacterial properties that prevent infections. Lemons aid in the removal of wastes from the body by improving the kidneys and liver function. Lemon is often used in detox protocols for this reason.

Apples are a rich source of vitamin C just like lemons! Havard Nutritionalist have studied the benefits of apples and this is what they’ve come up with.

“Apples are rich in quercetin and pectin, both of which are credited for supplying apples with their health benefits. [1] Quercetin is a flavonoid, a type of naturally occurring plant chemical that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Pectin is a type of soluble fiber that may help prevent constipation and have a modest effect on lowering LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. “

My cold/ flu chasing tea

  1. Filtered purified water ( any amount I just eye everything
  2. Washed raw ginger peeled ( about the size of a teaspoon) kepted whole
  3. Raw garlic ( one clove whole)
  4. Whole apples washed and halved
  5. Thyme, Cinnamon or cayenne and raw honey for taste
  6. Raw washed lemon cut and squeezed
  7. Apple Cider Vingar with the mother 1 table spoon


Bring apples, garlic, ginger, lemons to a boil allowing the apples to become mushy.

Add cinnamon, thyme, cayenne pepper ans whatever herbs you’d like.

Strain those ingredients. Add ACV to the tea. And some raw honey for taste!!

Other great sources

I could write a whole blog post about the benefits of elderberries during cold and flu season.. this miracle berry is a great addition to your cold/flu management. I recommend Organic Olivia’s elderberry syrup its packed with antioxidants and immune support.


This post is not intended to replace medical recommendations, prevent or cure disease. It’s not intended to replace medical advice. Please see your Holistic doctor or primary physican for medical instruction. Do not start supplementation without proper blood work up and without informing your doctor first .


Taking too much vitamin D can cloud its benefits and create health risks – Harvard Health

Vitamin D reduces respiratory infections — ScienceDaily

Zinc in diet: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

6 Surprising Ways Garlic Boosts Your Health – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

15 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in Morning Empty Stomach | Edison Institute

A Beginner’s Guide To Apple Cider Vinegar: Benefits, Safety & Use

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Namaste –

Leg Workout Circuit

This workout can be completed at home or in the gym.

Equipment needed Free weights, Stability Ball, Step and Water. You can perform all these movements without weight or equipment with the exception of “bridge to leg curl on stability ball”. Each exercise has a youtube link for instructional information if needed.

Circuit One

Warm up with 10 burpees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZgVxmf6jkA

Complete each exercise 10 times and repeat this circuit for 4 rounds.

1. Weighted Reverse Lunges on stepper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-g5yPNYv2k

2. Weighted Deadlifts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiGk8g3e41w

3. Weighted Plie Squats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJzrn0SaiTA go deep, don’t comprise weight for form and don’t forget to squeeze at the top.

4. Weight Lunges ( forward) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOVaHwm-Q6U

Circuit Two

1. Squat Push Press https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3NdExA1Sy8 Instead of lifting the heel like the video, keep heels planted. Push up from all four corners of planted feet.

2. Skater Lunges with weight. No jumping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUbAhVe0e8Q

3. One Legged Deadlift with weight (a dumbbell held with both hands or kettle bell)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9bHy3ojQWA

4. Standing Legs lifts with or without weight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLxf88HZ85Y Keep standing leg slightly bent to protect knee, keep the chest open and upright. No slouching!

5. Weighted Calf raises to burn out ( meaning do as many as you can without stopping)

Cool down with Stability ball

1. Bridge on Stability Ball (look at minute 3.07 on link provided, lift the hips as high as you can. Drive through your heels. Perform slowly with control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okDgnZTnpcw

2. Bridge to leg curl on stability ball ( look at minute 4.33 on the link provided above, again drive through the heels, keep hips high and use control)

Yoga Cool down.

I recommend a hips and hamstring related yoga cool down. Tonight following this workout I did a feel 22 minute hips and hamstring yoga flow from Namaste Yoga on amazon prime. Season 3 episode 5.


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How to implement a non toxic skin care routine.

Let’s get to know your skin. The skin is the bodies’ largest organ. It absorbs all the ingredients just like a sponge; think of your pores as a swinging gateway. Not only are toxins secreted from your pores they are also let into the body this way. Imagine all the chemicals in your perfumes, soaps, shampoos, lotion, body washes, make up and other cosmetics i.e lubes, deodorant etc. not to mention household products and laundry detergent. Whenever possible we need to eliminate toxicity in our lives and our skin care routine.  One of the biggest questions are what am I looking for when it comes to non-toxic skin care?

No. 1 is be on the lookout for Parabens in cosmetics. Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben are some of the chemical names you’ll see used. Parabens are a preservative that was originally derived from different kinds of fruit. Parabens are chemicals that are produced as a preservative for foods and cosmetics developed in the 1950’s.  Parabens stop products from growing molds and different bacteria in them. They are widely used in our society. We are often consuming parabens in overabundance on a regular basis. The problem with Parabens is that they are known to be hormone disruptors. I have experienced this first hand when dealing with Estrogen dominance. The constant exposure of this chemical alters how our hormonal profile works. Parabens are xenoestrogen producers. They cause the body to increase production of the hormone Estrogen. Increased Estrogen in the body will cause males to develop breasts and have a low sperm count. Estrogen over production has a negative effect on young girls by causing them to reach puberty at much younger age. Estrogen dominance causes weight gain in all individuals, increased PMS symptoms, memory problems, and increased chance of developing ovarian cancer later in life.

Avoiding Parabens is overall very good for your health. I saw a significant change when I began removing xenestrogens from my cosmetics. I lost belly fat, felt more energy and overall lost fat deposits around my waist. My periods haven’t been as heavy and the menstrual period went from 7 days of bleeding to 5 days. I was pleased to shave 2 days off my cycle.

No 2 be on the lookout for “natural”  Xenoestrogen producers. Some of the essential oils that I love the most I must refrain from using or use sparingly. Lavender and Tea Tree oil have been cited by Medical News today as hormone disrupters. Does that mean you need to throw out all your favorite essential oils? No absolutely not! I encourage the use of essential oils however; with everything else limit your use of it in cosmetics and detergents. Decreasing exposure is important for individuals with Estrogen dominance imbalance.

No 3 be on the lookout for Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Aluminum Laurel Sulfate in your cosmetics. These chemicals were created to make skin care products foam. Sodium Laurel Sulfate strips your skin of its natural oils creating skin irritations. This chemical is also well known as a hormone disrupter and can cause Eczema as well as dry skin on a regular basis.

Use Vegan and Cruelty free cosmetics.

Whether or not you are an avid meat eater, dabble with being a vegetarian, or full blown Vegan everyone can benefit from taking the vegan route with cosmetics. Vegan skin care as a whole is so beneficial to our society, the companies creating these products are already inclined to remove toxins from their cosmetics. Non vegan cosmetics are full of Animal by products. Cosmetic Companies are often using the very waste of the animal such as urine, known as (Carbamide) in ingredients list, crushed bones ( Keratin, hydrolyzed animal proteins ) and tendons, ligaments of animals known as Gelatin or Collagen in products. Vegan companies are reducing man’s the carbon foot print placed on our planet. We are all aware of the toxins animals are eating, produced inhumanely, and increased cause of methane gases from the beef and dairy industry. By supporting Vegan Cosmetics we are essentially cleaning our air. Cruelty free means that your products were not tested on animals. Think lab rats and little bunnies. These animals were not involved in the process of creating your skin care. I see this as a plus in both ways, no animals were harmed or tortured and it means there are no heavy chemicals in your products causing need to “ test on animals” before humans,  If you believe in or practice Niyamas such as Ahimsa it maybe a personal benefit to you as an added effort to practice non harming.

Use natural detox methods and Lymph draining to improve skin quality.

Skin brushing is the act of dry brushing your skin in an upward motion towards the heart. Skin brushing increases circulation, detoxifies the skin, increases energy levels and exfoliates your skin. My personal favorite Lymph drainage method is Gua Sha. Gua sha is an ancient Chinese method of rubbing a tool against the body ( jade stone, wooden etc). I use it on my face. It increases blood flow (circulation) helps produce natural collagen in the skin, tightens the skin naturally, increases relaxation and helps with sinus issues. Getting adequate exercise, moving your body and sweating is a great lymphatic system detox as well.


Getting an adequate amount of water daily is so important for your skins appearance and health. Oily skin is often the result of dehydration. The body sends signals to your oil glands that the skin needs hydration, this causes an over bunce in oils which in turn becomes acne and black heads.  Through proper hydration these signals won’t be released as often. Water intake will prevent your skin from becoming dull, flaky, dried out and wrinkly.  I have to admit I lack in the hydration department of my skin care routine, it’s a work in progress. It’s literally the cheapest and most effective way to better skin.

Choosing non toxic skin care products

One of my favorite go to’s for finding out about vegan cosmetics and clean skin care products is the ethical elephant. I am a Glossier fan for cosmetics and they give the run down about how they are not vegan but do claim to be cruelty free. While Ethical Elephant does not help you look for sulfates or parabens a few companies I really like are 100% vegan and cruelty free Derma- E, Pacifica Beauty and Nature’s Gate. Think Dirty is a skin care app that helps you find out if your products are “clean or not.” They also offer beauty boxes. I love Maro Skin care face cleansing oil. The oils are pure, vegan and paraben free. Maro Skin care is an upcoming woman run cosmetic company out of NYC. Check them out on IG.


I was not asked by any of the products mentioned above to write this or received any benefits of doing so. Nothing in this article is intended to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases



Love and Light.

My husband and first daughter are bonding in this picture through play. 🙂


 I have many theories on life. One theory is that love is the only concrete human experience in this life. We have all experienced love, being in love, the lack of love and its effects on us. Love is a part of every personal relationship in our lives, from lovers to friendship building it’s the fore front of our being.  Love is beneficial to our brains in so many ways. In the early years of life we depend on love. Love is the building block to our development. Everyone can get by without it right? Sure you can. Not well though. If a baby is not nurtured and loved there is a high chance for mental health issues to arise later on in life. Depression and anxiety arise out of the lack on human connection and lack of love and attachment as an infant. Special hormones are secreted by neurons in our brains when we experience love and connection as humans these chemicals help babies develop socially and emotionally without them there are often developmental delays presented in the first 2 years of life.

Skin to skin contact or kangaroo care is when a mother or father takes a naked baby and places them on their bare chest. The baby feels the beating of their parents or caregivers heart. The rise and fall of their chest, love and bonding chemicals are released by the brain neurons at this time by everyone experiencing contact. Mama has special hormones called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone released by mothers when feeding their babies. It’s also released during skin to skin contact. When a father lays his child on his chest for kangaroo care the man secretes the hormone vasopressin. The vasopressin hormone lowers the father’s blood pressure allowing him to relax. The father also shows decreases in cortisol levels as well as his newborn baby. When the baby feels the beat of his parent or caregivers heart and the easy of their breath, the baby begins to regulate his/ her breath accordingly. The cortisol levels (stress hormone in the baby drops) and bonding between the families begins. These are the first stages and facilitators to love between families. This is how the brain chemically makes a family “fall in love” so to speak.


Romantic love is so addicting. Of course sex makes love addicting than, companionship, friendship and building a life with someone. Love gets increasingly more or less complicated when we learn about the effect that it has on our brain.  Loyola University states “There are three states to love, lust, attraction and than attachment.”  The initial lust stage to falling in love is a very hard chemical reaction going on in our brain. Dopamine a chemical flooding our neurons equivalent to that of cocaine is flooding our neurotransmitters creating euphoria. Our cortisol stress hormone is increased, hearts are racing and another neurotransmitter serotonin is depleted. Serotonin levels are lowered at this time creates an almost singled focused obsessed feeling for the person you are thinking about. That’s why you can’t get someone out of your head. Dopamine is also a reward seeking chemical in the brain and a motivator, so of course it really helps us follow up on the person we are interested in.

During the act the sex these happy hormones and endorphins (natural pain killers) are secreted by our neurons, Dopamine, higher levels of serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin. Over time from having a romantic relationship with the same partner through skin to skin contact and the repeated release of oxytocin and vasopressin (bonding hormones) something special occurs there. is a development of long lasting love.

According to Harvard Neuroscience studies found these hormones are responsible for monogamous and long term relationships that have gone well beyond the lust and attraction phases of love.


Love is relevant. It’s part of the very fiber of our beings. Our neurons secrete endless feel good chemicals for us in order to enjoy the endless possibilities of love. From lust, attraction, falling in love, sex and finding the right person to grow old with to finding long lasting love. If we choose to grow a family someone, we even have warm loving chemicals in place to make the best experience of love when hold our child in our arms and up to our hearts the first time.

I wrote this article for two reasons. 1. If you have a partner, husband or wife and you love them with everything you have, stop waiting for whatever it is. Don’t sleep on love. Lay them on your heart. Share some heart beats / skin to skin, get that oxytocin and vasopressin released. Create your long lasting love.

2. it’s never too late to show anyone you love them especially your children. Of course kangaroo care is out the window once they are no longer babies but you can always place them close to your heart with a warm hug. Tell them you love them. Life is short. I hope this article helped show you that even our brains are connected when we show each other love.

Thank you for reading – Namaste-

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Loyola University Health System. (2014, February 6). What falling in love does to your heart and brain. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 20, 2019 from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140206155244.htm

Chemical/ Vinegar Free DYI Counter Top Cleaner!

I am not sure if anyone is like me and really dislikes the scent and taste of Vinegar. Most Organic DIY household cleaners that I’ve found throughout the years contain a base of White Vinegar. I found that as I diluted the Vinegar or added essential oils, the Vinegar continued to stink. I could always smell it while cleaning or notice the smell lingering in the house after wards and it never felt fresh.

The major player in my DIY ingredient is Witch Hazel: We all know Witch Hazel well for its natural cosmetic quality from natural facial toner to naturally treating hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel has an antibacterial and astringent quality to it that I wanted to add to my cleanser. It also has a nice base smell to it naturally all on its own.

Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus oil combination: This combination creates a relaxing and fresh smell while adding additional antibacterial qualities to the cleanser. Both oils have a great ability to fight mold in the environment (It will not kill mold on porous environment areas such as rugs and carpets) I will be experimenting in the future with different oil combination especially when I do my wood cleanser. I love this smell combo. I feel I could like it just a little bit more with a fresh mint hint to it.

Kirks Castille Soap or Dr. Bronners : Safe soap made from plant oils will help with cutting the grease on any of the surface areas you are trying to cleanse.

Overall I am very happy with the streak free cleaning results of of my cleanser so far. I am so happy to now longer be working with Vinegar.

The Recipe: What I did was combine 1/4 a cup of Witch Hazel, 1 table spoon of Castille Soap, 3 drops of each oil and 2 cups of distilled water, shaking it well each time. I added the solution to a recycled spray bottled. It works well on my counter tops in the kitchen, kitchen sink, bathroon toliet, bathroom counter top and babies plastic high chair. I do not recommend using on wood or mirror’s. Enjoy!






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Anxiety is The New Black.

black and white close up eyeball eyebrow
Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Anxiety definition : a feeling of worry or fear, typically about an imminent event or something with an unknown outcome. Other words to describe anxiety would be panic, agitation, tension, stress, suspense, fear, nervousness, and angst.

Anxiety increases when you begin to physically feel it’s blow, the chest pain, the headaches, maybe shortness of breath, nausea, cold sweats, eye twitches, stammering, forgetfulness, irritable bowel symptoms, inability to perform in regular activities and feeling intense fear.

The DSM- 5 a psychiatric diagnostic tool. It uses specific criteria and rules for diagnosing anxiety. It states that a generalized anxiety disorder is excessive worry or fear occurring more days than not, over a 6 month period that involves a number of events or daily activities such as work, school performance, socialization etc.

“Now is the age of anxiety.” –  W. H. Auden. 

What causes Anxiety?

Life is a beautiful gift. We are all here breathing but we don’t intentionally use those breaths. Much like breathing, experiencing anxiety is apart of life. Life comes with many changes through out the years and some of those changes can leave us feeling a bit unsettled. Change of course will come with some natural anxiety. Even good things come with a small amount of anxiety from time to time. For some people there is no true root cause of anxiety, they are born anxious. For others anxiety has many causes. Some very logical relevant causes to anxiety can be relationships, work stress, school performance, health conditions, traumatic life events, raising a family, and poverty. These things can weigh heavily on a person and rightly so. Often anxiety and depression accompany one another, playing an ugly game in a person’s mind. Anxiety is often known to run in families. If your family members tend to get anxious easily you may be more likely to be so yourself, it makes sense too because a lot of our behaviors in life are learned from our family. Drugs and alcohol abuse can cause anxiety. Withdrawal from anti-anxiety medications can cause anxiety. Social media can cause anxiety, comparing yourself to others and not having what other people have can lead to you feeling anxious about your life. The Depression and Anxiety Association of America produced an article about how much social media effects a persons mental health and anxiety levels it’s pretty astounding article.

Can I get better?

We can always better ourselves it’s one of our best human traits. When we put our mind to something we can achieve it! You will get better! Seeking the right treatment and making the right steps and starting immediately is crucial in your success for treating anxiety. Don’t allow it to build up. Recognize the warning signs of stress in your body. Are your shoulders tight? Are you getting tension headaches frequently? Are you having digestive problems? How are you sleeping? Are you feeling anxious? Are you feeling overwhelmed? What are you doing for self-care? What are you doing for mental health breaks daily? You can get better you just need to begin. Do not stop trying once you get started.  That leaves you with the question we all ask, where do I start?

 Where do I start?

Step one:  You need to begin breathing. When you find yourself in an overwhelming state of mind.  Find intentional breath, not even meditation at this point. Just focus on the in and out of your breath.  Tell yourself ” I am breathing in, I am breathing out”. Close your eyes if you are in an area you can do so. Start there. Simply be for a moment. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself 1. How do I feel in this moment? Get used to being in the present moment. Lots of times anxiety comes from living in the future. Our thoughts are not in the present. We are concerned about what may occur in the upcoming moments, months, weeks, years in the future etc. 

Step two: Daily movement. You may have a job or school schedule that takes up a good portion of your day. Your mind is tired but your body is not necessary tired. There is stagnant energy that is surrounding you. It’s fueling your anxiety. Daily movement will improve your health by calming the mind, lowering the blood pressure and improving focus, if you are doing activities outdoor you will be getting vitamin D which is a great natural source of happiness and mood boosting qualities.

Movement suggestions

Yoga : Take a class either at a yoga studio, gym, online, or on the TV ( amazon prime has some great teachers) Audible app also has guided classes that are great! Even a few moments will give you benefits.

Walking: Getting out doors for a brisk walk daily will help you clear your mind. Even walking on a tread mill and taking that time to listen to a positive podcast or active meditation/intention setting podcast is a great way to not only improve you mood but work on yourself mentally. If you are walking outdoors maybe bringing a friend to vent to about life and share your stories with while simultaneously getting fit together!

Martial arts: The practice of self-control through movement and energy release! A perfect combination for some one who has anxiety and perhaps some anger issues as well.  (No you don’t learn martial arts to go beat people up.)  It’s about learning an art form and releasing energy through a practice of self-control and respect for others. Karate, Tai chi, MMA, Ji Jistu etc.

Running: I am sure everyone has heard of a runners high. Running boosts endorphins. Running is something you can set either pace goals or distance goals for yourself.  You can use apps like Nike Training Run app that tracks you distance and has free coaches that inspire you and give you positive pep talks along your route as you run your specific distances and a paces! Running is great for the anxiety/depression combination. Great for the goal setter personality!

Weight lifting:  Lifting weights either by following specific training guide lines by in app purchases like BBG, or doing your own thing in the gym, preparing to compete in body building competitions, crossfit or powerlifting. Weight lifting can be very therapeutic for people as they refocus their energy to specific goals they set for themselves.

Zumba: Dancing is a great way to get out there move your body and raise your endorphins, relief anxiety, reduce your blood pressure and get a great fat blasting full body workout in at the same time while having a ton of fun. Studios, Martial arts studio, online/ tv workouts, community centers and gyms all offer a variety of Zumba classes.

Barre: Traditional Barre workouts stem from the beautiful art of ballet, they are upbeat and offer a full body workout that is challenging and fun. On average you burn a total of 500 calories each workout! There is also a floor barre option that is usually fused with yoga, it offers uplifting principles and offers an atmosphere that totally reduces stress! You literally sweat it away!

Pilates: A great way to build lean muscle and gain control your core. If you know one thing about someone who practices Pilates regularly they are in overall great shape! Developed by Joe Pilate, Pilates integrates breath work that differs a bit from yoga but it does reduce stress all the same. Gives a full body workout and it’s a lot of fun! Great for spine and core health! Catch a class in studio, online, on tv or in a community center or gym. So many options.

Biking: So many options here. Outdoors! Yes! Indoors at the gym! Yes! or take a very upbeat competitive soul cycle class or jump on your bike in the gym or at home and take a class in the comfort of your own home, tour Italy! There are so many options! It’s lots of fun! Your mind will get lost in a good way!

Step three: Meditation. I was too jittery and had too much anxiety for meditation. I used to be the person that would roll up my mat before the end of a yoga class and run out before the final resting pose savasana. I could not bear the silence and being alone in my own thoughts. In yoga savasana is often said to be one of the hardest poses. All you are doing is laying flat on your back in relaxation. My anxiety in the silence was overwhelming to me. My thoughts raced. Even closing my eyes was too much. I would just skip it and leave immediately, if I ever did go to yoga back then. Once I was in yoga teacher training many years later, the importance of mediation practice was explained to me. So many thoughts are entering and exiting our minds constantly throughout the day. How do we know which ones are important? My giving ourselves a few moments of clarity. We allow time for our thoughts to clear and once they re-enter we have time to re-evaluate which ones are important.

How to start mediation practice as a person with anxiety.

  1.  I move first,  before Fibromylagia really took over my energy levels with chronic fatigue. I used to have lots of energy that was stagnant. I needed to move first. I would exercise or practice power yoga first, then mediate. My bodies nervous energy was released and my mind was more clear and ready to receive the practice.
  2.  I do guided mediation on my worst anxiety days, If I leave myself to guide my own practice on a really overwhelming day the likelihood of success is not very high.
  3. My goals are small, it’s really daunting to aim to practice 30 minutes of mediation in one sitting a day. Especially if it’s not your practice. Start with 5 minutes a day! If you find that successful increase it each week by 5 minutes or however you see fit to pace it. If increasing by 5 minute increments is too much, try 2 minutes instead.
  4. Time! You have the time trust me! Stop endlessly scrolling through your phone. Set your timer and breath. Down load insight timer on your phone, down load audible get some of their guided mediations and DO THEM!

Step four: Pick up a hobby. Try starting a hobby like reading, painting, sewing, knitting, weaving, flying kites, doing puzzles or collecting bottles.  A hobby can be very therapeutic and keep your mind in the present moment.

Non Pharmaceutical Anti- anxiety medications!

Cannabis: My favorite supplement for anti-anxiety! My Soul CBD oil drops! As I had stated before anxiety sometimes runs in families. My sister and I are both using My Soul CBD for our anxiety. I am using it for many other reasons as well but, she is also using it for her anxiety management. The CBD oil is organic, third-party tested for quality assurance and it’s THC free! The CBD tincture is flavored with essential oils and they taste amazing, the flavors include peppermint, orange and lemon lime. Lemon lime has been my personal favorite so far. If you are buying the 1500mg bottle 0.33ml equals to 16.7mg of CBD isolate. My current regime is 50mg of CBD oil daily. I take 16.7mg under my tongue at 10am, 2pm and 10pm along with my seizure medication at 2pm and 10pm daily. My sister purchases the 500mg bottle and takes 1 full dropper daily equally to a total of 16.7mg of CBD isolate daily. I have Epilepsy and Fibromylagia so my needs differ from hers as far as dosing goes. My Soul CBD just released a sleeping aid that has 25mg of CBD isolate along with Valerian root, Passion-flower and Pepper and 5mg of Melatonin. If you’d like to try this product, I have an affiliate link you can go to under my resource section to shop this great product!



Kava Kava : Is a herb sold as a tincture, tea or capsule. People often use it to boost their mood, calm anxiety, improve sleep and reduce pain. Some have described its effect as euphoric much like the effects of alcohol. Kava kava has been known to be more effective for women than men, more effective in younger patients and more effective for people with severe anxiety verses mild.

Valerian root: Similar to kava kava, sold in the same form, tincture, tea or capsule form. Most often used for sleep and often mixed into teas that are made for the function of improving either sleep or mood. Valerian roots action on the brain is increasing the Gamma aminobutryic acid (GABA) receptors, this regulates nerve cells and calms anxiety.  The pharmaceutical drugs Xanax and Valium play similar roles in the brain with GABA receptors. Interesting right?

Chamomile Tea:  Healthline produced an article that states ” Chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer”. My mom used to prepare Chamomile tea for me as a kid with a little bit of honey and it would give me a great nights sleep. Even as an adult pouring a cup of Chamomile tea has a very relaxing benefit. Anything that makes you feel relaxed enough for sleep of course is a win. Try pouring yourself a cup when you are feeling overwhelmed. The tea taste delicious. Chamomile reduces inflammation in the body and improves digestion, its non habit-forming. Very inexpensive and readily available to use. Overall a very safe to try.

Prescription Medication.

There are numerous options when it comes to prescription anti-anxiety medication. Just remember from the beginning when I stated that even anti anxiety medication can cause anxiety. Two issues are at play here when I mention withdrawal.  Withdrawal anxiety is when you no longer need the medication and wish to get off the medication. The weaning process may produce more anxiety for you or an upswing of symptoms. Or withdrawals due to a habit that is being formed from taking the medication either by abuse/ over use or the body is becoming dependent. Talk to your doctor about the severity or risk of habit forming potential of the drug you are trying and about your family history. My Neurologist had prescribed me Xanax for anxiety and it caused me more harm than good. My seizure activity increased, I was heavily confused and had severe memory loss the times that I took it. After trying it 2 times, I discontinued using it. I do have Ativan which is for seizure rescue use and I use that on rare occasions to get cluster seizures under control. Ativan is also used by many people as an anti anxiety medication. I kept in contact with my doctor how I felt the times I took the Xanax. She knew right away it wasn’t for me. Always communicate to the doctor prescribing you medication on how you feel about a drug and do not just accept that is how you should feel, if it’s past a certain point and you should start feeling better by this time and you aren’t then it’s possible this isn’t the drug for you. Not every drug works the same for everybody. You may need to try a few medications first. Always use a medication as prescribed by your doctor. Exactly how it is prescribed! especially anti-depressant, anti anxiety or mood stabilizing drugs, I can not stress this enough! A doctor can not determine if your medication is working or not if you are not taking your medication properly. In nursing we are taught the Right’s of medications. The right patient, the right time, the right dose and the right route.

I always encourage people to get the help they need without fears of stigmas. If you have never been a medication person or you have fears about what others may think of you for needing anxiety medication. Firstly it’s your private medical information, you don’t need to share if you don’t want to. Secondly if you need to take medication to get well, that is what needs to be done. I recommended talk therapy and counseling to everyone with and without medication use who struggles with anxiety.  If you like alternative medication. Medical Marijuana and CBD oil are now being prescribed by doctors all over the country, look up the laws in your state and see how you can obtain your medical Marijuana card. The chemical component THC in Marijuana can sometimes have a similar effect on the brain ( depending of the Marijuana used) that may cause more anxiety like some people on anti-anxiety medications. Finding the right medication is a science. It may take some time. Be patient.


You can also cut out all the personal medication trials if you are doing the prescription drug route and look up a company called Genesight. Genesight offers Genetic testing to provide you and your doctor the best information available to you based off your bodies genetic response and tolerance to medication without having to go through the hassle of trial and error. This is available to not only anxiety medication but also behavioral medications and antidepressants. Information will be provided in the resource link. I heavily suggest taking this extra step for your mental health.

Talk therapy

Talking to a family member or spouse may not help when your anxiety has come to a point that it’s overtaking your life. Perhaps outside help is necessary. It’s also good to have someone to talk to that is not emotionally involved in your situation in any way. They can give some feedback and suggestions, offer a set of listening ears and some compassionate support. A therapist is also a professional . What you speak about together is completely confidential, if you have had difficult experiences in the past or present and you are having a hard time with them. Your sessions are completely private. The only time your information is shared is if you are a threat to yourself or others. In addition to one on one therapy many therapy offices or mental health clinics offer group therapy sessions. I suggest both talk therapy modalities. One on one is good to get your personal story shared and perhaps somethings you wouldn’t want a group to know or be involved in. Obviously the point of having a group is sharing but sometimes we can all be a bit shy or have fears of over sharing. Group therapy shows you that you are not alone. Everyone struggles. Life is messy and we all go through different problems. We can all connect on some level to each other through these problems and circumstances. Perhaps you can even be there to support someone else through a tough time every once in a while!


Find the right anti anxiety medication through genetic testing with Genesight


Take advantage of My Soul’s THC free non habit-forming CBD oil! Reduces anxiety, helps with insomnia, decreases pain and inflammation


More benefits of Chamomile Tea


More benefits of Valerian Root


More Benefits of Kava Kava



All the information I have collected is only to share my personal opinion and story in order that it may benefit you personally. I was not asked by any of the companies I listed  to mention them or was compensated in any way. I do have an affiliate link with My Soul CBD oil,  I was not asked to mention them here on my blog.

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