So you want to know about free bleeding?

Get ready to learn all about Free bleeding!

If you’ve been menstruating for a while now chances are you’ve tried tampons and pads of every kind to “find one that works for you”. Maybe even a diva cup or two. You may have found none of your options have felt right or really worked. Maybe you are health conscious or concerned about the environment and adding to environmental waste on a monthly basis doesn’t feel right for you. I’ve been free bleeding for 2.5 years and I’ll share what has or hasn’t worked for me. This review and information is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the companies I will mention in this article. I don’t have affiliate codes or relationships with any of the companies.

I have been a pad wearer since I’ve started menstruating. I could not do tampons and never did. However we all know that pads can be problematic from time to time. Uncomfortable, some bulky etc. I began my free bleeding journey after the birth of my second daughter. I no longer wanted to contribute to land fills. I couldn’t and can’t afford to buy expensive organic hygiene products that also aren’t 100% biodegradable anyway. So what do I do?

When do you think of when someone says free bleeding?

Initially my first thought of free bleeding is that people with periods were walking around on the earth bleeding and sitting in public places getting blood everywhere. Some Womxn do practice this kind of free bleeding as a stand up against the cost of hygiene care/ a fight against toxic shock syndrome. While some use that method, my free bleeding includes no leaking and the blood is caught. Free bleeding is as hygienic as any other period products, it’s cost effective and mostly very convenient.

I began researching recyclable period products and I found reusable pads on they are made of recycled material bamboo pads with charcoal to reduce odor. I got 8 pads in a package and they came with a little case. These worked really nicely! For about 9 months I exclusively used these pads.

Bamboo charcoal reusable period pads approx $15 on i received 8 in a pack.

Let’s start with the Cons: These pads are NOT suitable for overnight wear. The pads moved around allot whenever I didn’t have pants on. I don’t sleep in pants so there was leakage from the side at night during my sleep. The pads are somewhat bulky and it gets some getting used to. You can not exercise with these on. They begin to roll around with movement. Especially if you’re going on a run. 😦

Pros: These pads absorb allot of blood. There is absolutely no smell even in hot weather. If pants are securely in place and not exercising no leakage occurs. These pads are easily changeable much like a disposable pad. A used pad can be folded and clipped together to prevent a mess until you are able to rinse your pad. Which is great when traveling/ working.

Next up! She Thinx period panty.

The first period panty I tried was She Thinx’s. This is an incredible period panty. I got their high waisted panty that absorbs 1 pads worth. This was my starter panty with them and I was sold. It was a life saver overnight. No longer dealing with the reusable pads moving around and having leaks. There is no need to supplement with panty liners or any additional period products. I got my first period panty from them before they had so many styles and options ( they’ve now branched out and offer menstruating people various style options). I now have 4 pairs of all different kinds of underwear from them. Eventually when my purse will let me, I’d like to purchase their new sleep short ( for periods)

Thinx air panty offers 3/4 a pad worth.
This is what the pad portion of the panty is.

Cons: Expensive! That’s it! ( I’ll include how to save money on Thinx) in a few more paragraphs.

Pros: Various styles, no leaks, no wetness ( unless the pad is full) various flow options, if you have a heavy flow they’ve got you! No leaks at night, sport panties and their sport shorts give options for exercising freely with no fear of leaks. It’s such a free feeling. That’s one thing I appreciate the most about free bleeding. The freedom.

I did try to save money and bought a cheaper period panty.

Ruby Love High waisted panty.

I got a panty prop period starter kit from Ruby Love, at first I was so happy I could have more underwear. I got 6 styles for almost the same as 1 She Thinx. Sometimes going cheap isn’t ideal. The period pad in place is very bulky. Initially the period panties worked pretty decent. After several washes and I did wash as they instructed the pad portion began to pill and break down. After a few months I was having “ big leaking accidents” going through the panty and then my pants. My flow had increased but I wasn’t leaking through my Thinx panty that I had at the time. I contacted Ruby Love and they told me they offer an additional pad that is placed inside the panty. With the panty already very bulky that was not something I was interested in.

You maybe curious about how this works.

I’ll explain how I manage my periods hassle free. There are a few more steps in period care free bleeding process. Being conscious of the earth and your body/ period equality is well worth the few extra steps. It doesn’t have to feel like work.

1. When I begin to feel cramps, I just put on a nice She Thinx pair of panties overnight, usually I’m met with my period in the morning and… because I had my panty on. No bloody sheets! Yay!

2. When changing panties or pads, I wash the panties out in cold water until the water runs clear. Then wash my hands and hang dry the panty in the shower until it’s ready to be placed in the wash on delicate. You maybe curious about what I do when I’m out. That depends on how long. If I’m going to work and have a heavy flow I wear my period pads ( I change it out when I need) I have a little hygiene pouch I use to place the old pad in ( inside my purse) wash my hands of course and then rinse the pad out with cold water when I get home. I wash my pads and panties the same way. My pads hold more blood than my period panties do. If I’m having a really heavy day, I’ll usually just do pads in the day and panties overnight. I mix it up for my needs. I do recommend both and for those reasons. It may seem like allot to think about, once you get the hang of it in about 2 cycles or so. It’s easy peasy.

3. Is it gross? It can be if you are afraid of blood or squeamish about periods ( cause you need to wash the blood out before washing in the machine) I’m not squeamish about my body and the natural process it goes through. I am a nurse too so I’m not that faint of heart when I see and deal with blood.I don’t experience any dirty smell from the blood the way I did using period pads that had toxins and plastics in them. I think the health benefits out weigh any “gross” feeling when it comes to this kind of period care.

Wrapping things up and how to save money when buying panties.

I went on IG and looked up hashtags for Thinx. I found several Womxn on IG that have affiliate codes. I used their codes for each of my purchases to save some money. I also receive emails from the company so I can stay in touch with the sales they may have. They also offer after pay! So you can get your products and pay over time.

She Thinx has tween and teen undies and also Speax for Womxn dealing with bladder leaks! So they got you for the lifespan.

I hope this has been helpful to you! If you have anymore questions about the process of free bleeding or concerns about the process. Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you! I love to encourage and empower Womxn in EVERYBODY to find their power. My Instagram account is @Namastewell_


I was not asked by She Thinx, Ruby Love or Amazon to write this review. I do not have affiliate codes or sponsorships with any of these companies mentioned. She Thinx ( if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t fight you if you want to give me an affiliate code one day 😉 As always speak with a physician regarding any changes in your cycle or questions about your reproductive care. This blog is only meant to educate on topics I enjoy.

Resources :

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