My Diastasis Recti Journey

Lots of people talk about Diastasis Recti, you maybe wondering what that actually means. Diastasis recti is the separation of the rectus abdominal muscles ( the 6 pack). This separation can occur in men and women whenever there is allot of intra abdominal pressure. Examples of intra abdominal pressure is lifting heavy weights repeatedly ( happens to body builders) weight gain, and abdominal growth from pregnancy.

Often times after pregnancy this separation with heal on its own. If you are not properly engaging your core or doing the wrong exercises ( think crunches or anything that makes your abdominals bulge out) once you are cleared to workout again you can be furthering your Diastasis separation. Multiple C sections/ births or abdominal surgerys can leave your core and pelvic floor muscles weakened. It’s important to start thinking about Diastasis recti while pregnant. There are things you can do to help maintain a core connection through out pregnancy. Remember get professional help. Don’t just believe any blogger on the internet or anyone just saying they can help you. In fact don’t even believe me. Do your research, find what works for you. I’ve had people reach out to me online and say they could help me. I researched them and they had no credibility whatsoever. Not even in the medical or health and wellness profession.

Why is Diastasis a big deal? Here are some problems I’ve been having.

I am a former body building competitor one of my strongest aspects was my core. It was phenomenal. After gaining 90lbs (woah) and loosing it with my first daughter who was born via emergency C section. I had some minimal Diastasis recti after her birth, once cleared to workout I began to hit core hard. Post C section I didn’t realize I needed to be more forgiving on my core. I did get my core back into amazing shape. Pregnancy number 2 I gained 60lbs and lost it as well. However my abdominal separation is considerably larger and deemed severe where my belly button is. I have 2 small abdominal hernias as well, I am a yoga and barre instructor, I kept up with my practice through my pregnancy but I was not properly engaging my core at the time. At my 6 week check up I asked my OB/gyn asses me for diastasis. He said I was “fine”. I really didn’t feel that was so and had no direction on how to heal and prevent further damaged. 2 years later struggling with constant abdominal pain, low back pain, incontinence issues and not feeling my core. I am a nurse and do allot of full care for wheel chair bound clients. My back pain was increasing with my lifting at work. I went to my primary doctor he said my separation was very bad and he felt I had a hernia as well. He recommended seeing a general surgeon. General surgeon said I needed a full tummy tuck in order to properly manage the abdominal separation and heal my core, I also saw a plastic surgeon and the same as said at that appointment. I didn’t want surgery so I reached out to a Physical therapy office. The PT said “maybe some exercises can help you but this is pretty deep”. Quoted at over 8,000 dollars to fix my abdominal separation and over 8 weeks of down time. I decided to research some credible sources to heal myself. I had been following recommendations on some fitness professional sites but my work was getting no where. I’ve had all this extra time because of the Corona virus so I did some intense online research and it led me to Every Mother. I am on day 16 of my path and I am already feeling a huge difference. My abdominal separation is from pubic bone to sternum. I am starting to feel the upper portion of my abdominals closing. My waist is getting smaller and I don’t have as big as a mom pooch at the end of the day.

I recommend seeing a physician and ask for an evaluation to see if you have the separation.At your 6 to 8 week postpartum check up is a great time to assess you, if you are pretty far removed from postpartum don’t worry, you can assess yourself at any time follow the recommendations on Every Mother.

If you are interested in healing your abdominal separation click this link Happy Core Healing!!!


This my personal opinion ( not to be confused with medical professional evaluation. I was not paid to publish this article in anyway by Every Mother. My statements have not been evaluated by Every Mother. Always seek professional medical help when needed. Happy Reading!!

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