A Puff Of Smoke. pt. 2.

” Failure will never over take me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” -Og Mandino

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Mind Over Matter.

Last week I interviewed Brigida she is a young woman living with Moyamoya. Moyamoya is a rare neurological condition. Brigida endured the hardship of not only recovering from the strokes her rare condition cause her but she also went through numerous brain surgeries in her young life because of it. ( please see part 1) I asked her a few questions today about her recovery and about her last brain surgery. Brigida briefly answers some questions related to those events below.

Me:  What is the one thing you could say to encourage another Moyamoya patient?

Brigida: “ Have faith and do not give up!”

Me: What do you feel has been the greatest success in your health and recovery over the years? 

Brigida: ” Honestly my mentality.  Alway’s thinking positive helps me to get up and overcome whatever is bringing me down that day”. 

Me: How many Brain surgeries have you had over the years?

Brigida: ” Two by-pass brain surgeries and probably about four brain surgeries that were done without opening up the sides of my head.” 

Me:  Is there anyone or specific thing that pushed you through all of this?

Brigida: “ The person that pushed me through my last and worst surgery was my son. Every night I would read him a bedtime story. I woke up from that surgery unable to read, write or speak. He came up to me asking for me to read him a story. I wasn’t even able to speak to him. My mother had to tell him I couldn’t read to him. He was the person that pushed me through. I told myself, I was going to read to him again.” 

Brigida was motivated to get back to reading to her son. With that goal in her mind success was the destination. Not only does Brigida read, speak and write again. She dances. When asked about her plans to stay healthy for her future. She included her career as a Zumba Instructor. She said dancing really relieves her stress. She literally dances the stress away and high blood pressure! She has been managing her blood pressure naturally through dancing and healthy eating. She goes on to say she gets regular medical check ups for Moyamoya, that consists of a yearly MRI. Brigida only receives an angiogram if she has any symptoms, such as numbness or weakness to a limb, confusion or slurred speech. Brigida’s outlook on the past is mature and mindful. Not a hint of sadness evolves during our conversations. She looks forward to a healthy future.

98733   Brigida New Year’s 2019 with her 3rd Child


Get Your Health Back on Track!

Nothing is in our control. Brigida’s situation wasn’t any different. Only Brigida’s state of mind was in her control. She had a good outlook. This is what separates her from anyone else in my mind, the minute I couldn’t read or write that would be my wall. A woman who went from unable to speak, read or write. Is now able to functioning normally. No. Thrive. Why? Determination. Persistence. Mindset is everything! Now that Brigida is feeling well. She takes the opportunity to stay active and move her body whenever she can. She cares for her mental and physical health regularly.  Brigida saw the other side. She felt the paralysis in her body, the inability to care for her own daily activities. She does not take those things for granted. If you have the opportunity to move your body. I implore you. Do it today! You won’t be sorry you did. Don’t miss out. I have a few things listed below that can help you get started.

  • Meditate –  lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, improves mental well-being, decreases anxiety, improves memory.
  • Zumba- increases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, full body workout, burns lots of calories, lots of fun for everyone, tones muscles.
  • Do some yoga – improves flexibility, improves joint muscle increases strength. Decreases stress, improves memory, improves sleep, reduces pain.
  •  Nature Go for a walk. There is beauty everywhere!  Get some Vitamin D, it is crucial in mental wellness and bone health.

It hope you find Brigida’s story motivational and as inspiration as I have. ~ Namaste~


Medical information on Moyamoya


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This is a true story of Brigida’s personal life she chose to share with me. There was no exchange of funds between her or myself. This is for the sole purpose of uplifting others.

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